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How bad is my air?

How bad is the air we breath in our cities?And how does it compare to other places in Italy? Couldn't help thinking about this as I was on my 10K run yesterday alon the Naviglio Pavese in Milan. The air in this city doesn't smell great in general, but in sme places, yesterday it was definetly worring and you could easily pick out more than a sniff of burnt plastic and almost taste pariculate from diesel cars.

I found the answer this morning looking  at "la mia aria"set up in Bracciano, and with deailed and easily accessible metrics on air quality  all over Italy.
As for my outodoor exercise yesterday, I'm afraid a trip on the gym's treadmill would have been much better. Aitr quality for Milan was on purple, meaning: "Molto insalubre – Stato di allarme: tutti i soggetti possono incorrere in rischi sanitari rilevanti" (i.e.: very unhealthy – state of alarm: all individuals may face relevant health risks).

And today it's on red: "Preferire l`attività sportiva in ambienti chiusi evitando l`allenamento prolungato all`aperto" (i.e.: prefer  sports in closed environments and avoid prolonged training outdoors).

For a city heading into an Expo themed on quality of life and health Milan still seems to have a long way to go… Unleass we want to run the whole Expo indoors…