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The Icelandic Eyjafjallajoekull scheme: cancel our debt our we ground your planes…

The title of this post is of course a joke, but the spread of the ash plume from Iceland (here in a simulation from the European space agency) is surprising. Rejkjavik of course has no control nor responsability for this natural event but I can't help noticing that all the ash goes South, East and then West into the Atlantic (right on those polar airline routes…) while none of it spreads North into the island itself.

I'm just growing a bit concerned (girlfriend says it's geological paranoia…) as i a few days speakers should start flying into Perugia for the <a href="">Journalism Festival</a>, and transatlantic flights really seem to have some issues now.

Anyway, the eruption is impressive and I wish I could go see it for myself. Here a great sequence from Boston Globe's Big Picture.